A-1 Somebody Dance With Me 02:45
A-2 My Life (It’s My Life Remix) 03:09
A-3 What A Feeling (Filatov & Karas Remix)) Remix – Filatov & Karas 03:34
A-4 Everybody (Greatest Hits Version) 03:20
A-5 Let The Dream Come True 03:24
B-1 There Is A Party (Greatest Hits Version) 03:40
B-2 Freedom (Greatest Hits Version) 03:33
B-3 Love Is All Around (Greatest Hits Version) 02:36
B-4 La Vida Es (Greatest Hits Version) 03:28
B-5 Fiesta Loca (Greatest Hits Version) 02:41
C-1 Pray (Greatest Hits Version) 03:22
C-2 Take Control (Greatest Hits Version) 02:49
C-3 Gotta Go (Greatest Hits Version) 02:56
C-4 Secrets Of Love (Retouch) 03:17
C-5 Together (Greatest Hits Version) 03:41
D-1 Keep On Dancing (Retouch) 03:28
D-2 We Are What We Are (Greatest Hits Version) 02:25
D-3 Superstar (Retouch) 03:38
D-4 Vampires Are Alive (Retouch) 03:11
D-5 Happy Birthday (Radio Edit) 03:15
E-1 Let The Dream Come True 04:01
E-2 Everybody 03:48
E-3 Somebody Dance With Me 03:32
E-4 Freedom 03:56
E-5 There Is A Party 04:12
F-1 What A Feeling 03:19
F-2 Take Control 03:45
F-3 Shadows Of The Night 03:59
F-4 Love Is All Around 04:05
F-5 It’s My Life 03:51
G-1 Chihuahua 03:00
G-2 Keep On Dancing 03:31
G-3 Secrets Of Love 03:19
G-4 Pray 03:52
G-5 Where Is Your Love 03:54
H-1 1000 Dreams 03:26
H-2 Respect Yourself 03:58
H-3 La Vida Es 03:21
H-4 Superstar 03:32
H-5 Together 03:41